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Battling Long Covid with Adaptive Pacing

Our third project website with the University of the West of Scotland aims to recruit participants into their Active Pacing (AP) programme. This project aims to help those suffering from Long-Covid through application intervention.
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The Challenge

Following on from the success of the previous two websites we designed and launched for UWS, an opportunity arose to add a recruitment website to the portfolio to assist in attracting participants who are currently suffering from long-COVID to take part in a pilot using activity trackers to monitor a participants activity.

Professor Sculthorpe was keen to ensure this website was an advancement on the last and to show the activity of the key stakeholders and the momentum the project was having using social media.

This was once again, a great project to work on and also a really good cause.

Our Solution

We revised our design system used for the previous websites and made some further UI enhancements with the form element to better reflect the main UWS website style as shown below:

We then considered the social media element and how to best position this. So we created a social media API integration with Twitter to display all tweets associated with a dedicated UWS projects account:

We also selected various graphics to represent the recruitment campaign and included various calls to action for website visitors:

Again, another unique project website and we hope to do more of these with the team at UWS in the future

What was included

Custom Website Development
Advanced Multi-step Form Design
Data capture and storage automation
Social Media API Integration

Technology Used

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WordPress CMS
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Elementor Pro
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PAFE Piotnet
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Custom Tecology Admin Dashboard